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GCADP is not in-network for any insurance providers. 


Dr. Moncino created GCADP as a direct pay model to allow parents to access his four decades of knowledge and experience without the time limits imposed by insurance companies. Direct pay, also called fee-for-service self-payment, allows for far longer visits. And, by removing insurance company mandates that require face-to-face office visits, GCADP makes heavy use of virtual medicine technology when clinically appropriate for established patients.


Without the time-consuming process of credentialing with insurance companies and processing insurance claims, the cost of care is reduced. Of course, if your insurance company offers out-of-network coverage, Dr. Moncino will provide the documentation you need to submit claims. 


What does this payment model mean to our patient families? It means more time to build a relationship between Dr. Moncino and your child, which is critical to creating solutions that address his or her needs. It also means more time to help you understand how to care for the DBP needs of your child—and cope with the impacts on the entire family. Additionally, it means less time traveling to the office, reduced costs and an overall higher quality experience. 

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