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Adult Autism Spectrum Disorder & Adult ADD/ADHD

GCADP also provides care to adults with diagnosed or suspected Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or ADHD/ADD



Adult Autism Spectrum Disorder


A diagnosis of ASD is but the beginning of a life-long journey. If you're an adult who was recently diagnosed with ASD or you were diagnosed as a child or teen, Dr. Moncino can help you understand your weaknesses, build on strengths and, if necessary, use medications to help manage your difficulties and provide comprehensive ASD general care. You no longer need to cope with ASD alone. We are here to support you and be experts in your corner.


Likewise, if you're an adult wondering whether you might have an ASD diagnosis—which might explain some life-long difficulties in school, at work and in personal relationships—Dr. Moncino can provide an evaluation. 


Please contact us for evaluation fees.


Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)


While the majority of individuals are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD as a child, both disorders can present significant problems for adults due to:

  1. not taking prescribed medications, 

  2. prescribed medications being ineffective, 

  3. side effects have precluded the use of prescribed medications, or

  4. never having been diagnosed. 


Do you suffer from distraction, restlessness, procrastination, poor time management, impulsiveness, mood swings or difficulty with prioritization of tasks, which leads to missed deadlines or forgotten meetings, and ultimately poor job performance? Dr. Moncino brings decades of expertise in managing pediatric ADD/ADHD to adults in need of specialized care, with evidence-based behavior management and/or medication.

All patients—adults or minors—who wish to see Dr. Moncino and the GCADP for ASD or ADD/ADHD care must have an active and ongoing relationship with a primary care physician during all phases of evaluation and care.

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